But why are alloy wheels better than steel wheels?
Alloy wheels have performance advantage over steel wheels. Alloys wheels are comparatively lighter in weight and lesser the weight quicker the acceleration power and faster the braking system.
Besides, if the weight is less, it reduces the stress on the suspension components. Alloy wheels are better in dissipating heat from the braking system in extreme driving conditions as compared to steel wheels.
The aesthetic or cosmetic advantage of alloy wheels is that it can be cast into different designs; they have several customizations and styling options in terms of design, finish and colours.

So, what are the benefits of alloy wheels?
Alloy wheels are more than just a styling option. The lighter frame of wheels put less stress on the
suspension, which further allows faster acceleration and is a big advantage in fuel efficiency.

What are the risks posed by alloys?
Alloy wheels are generally expensive compared to steel wheels. They are also easily damaged when
impacted on the road. It has a greater tendency to bend or crack. This is a disadvantage for alloy
wheels as steel wheels can withstand the impact and can be hammered to reshape. Alloy wheels are
also easily prone to cosmetic damage.

Now, how do you maintain alloy wheels?
Alloy wheels can be polished or painted or chromed to different finishes but each type needs to be
taken care of in different ways. Alloy wheels are slightly high maintenance as they are susceptible to
various cosmetic damages from curb scrapes, saltwater corrosion and sometimes due to acid
1. Rinse the wheels using a soft bristle brush to clean the rims and nuts without scratching.
2. Dry the wheels with a dry towel after washing to remove water spots.
3. Remove brake dust on alloy wheels by using medium grade clay bar.
(Use wheel detailing clay bar after cleaning and before polishing or waxing the wheels.)
To polish, spray clay lubricant or any wheel shine product and rub detailing clay wherever you see
black spots. Use a Powerball tool to polish between the spokes. It is better to avoid wool polishing
balls on clear coated alloy wheels.

Waxing alloy wheels
After cleaning and drying, apply a wheel protectant that seals the surface. This keeps the wheel
shiny and prevents dust settlement on the alloy rims. Reapply the product every week to avoid brake
dust accumulation. Wheel waxing keeps your wheel dust-free and regular waxing will keep your rims
clean. This leaves water spots as the only thing to worry about.

Is it easy to choose between alloy wheels and steel wheels?
Apart from your personal preferences consider the needs and analyse the necessities for the vehicle.
Whether you choose alloy wheel or steel wheel, Autodrome has the perfect solution and the right
choice for your vehicle. You can get in touch with our staff to find the best solutions for all your
queries on wheels and type of alloys.