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EXIDE Xplore FXL0-XLTZ3 Battery. Ah Capacity: 3

EXIDE Xplore FXL0-XLTZ3 Battery. Ah Capacity: 3

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EXIDE Xplore FXL0-XLTZ3 Battery. Ah Capacity: 3. Warranty Period: 48 months. Free Replacement Warranty: 24 months. Prorated Replacement Warranty: 24 months. Price is with the exchange of old battery

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The revolutionary Gas Recombination system eliminates water loss making the battery completely maintenance-free. The spill-proof design guards against the possibility of leakage, even if mounted in a tilted or inclined position. The advanced Lead-Calcium technology leads to low self-discharge. Unique Flame Arrestor ensures greater safety. The AGM construction gives superior cranking power and better resistance to vibration and hence makes this battery the most reliable in the market today. The permanently sealed VRLA battery comes factory-charged. It needs no refilling, electrolyte or water.

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Brand Exide
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