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Anoop Chand Chordia

Name: Anoop Chand Chordia

Designation: Founder & Chairman

Anoop Chand Chordia is the Founder and Chairman of Autodrome. He attended BITS, Pilani for a short duration but prioritised the family business over his education. He founded a small tyre trading firm in 1970 and developed it into a process-oriented organisation. Built on strong ethics, core values and customer service, Autodrome owes much of its success to Anoop. With forty-four years in the industry, he is a highly respected professional who advocates various policy changes to drive growth. Corporate strategy, finance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are his forte. He is up-to-date on industry trends and macroeconomics. He also loves to watch cricket and tennis matches and follow political and financial news.

Speciality: Principled and adheres to core values and ethics


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