Tyre is the only contact between road and the vehicle. The part of your tyre which is in contact with the road is only about the size of a postcard. Your safety, comfort and fuel economy depends on this small contact patch.  Any abnormal change in this can result in loss of vehicle control and thereby posing a serious threat to road safety.

We strongly recommend replacing tyres when you see any one of the following signs on your tyres :

When Tyre is worn out: Make sure to regularly check the tread depth of your tyre and replace them when they are worn up to TWI (Tread Wear Indicator). Most tyres have tread wear indicators, usually six or more small ribs across the bottom of the main tread grooves. For motorist the remaining tread depth of  rubber on tyre is one of the important aspect to be closely watched to ensure safety of the vehicle, particularly on wet road conditions and high speeds. In India as per CMVR (Center Motor Vehicle Rule) the non skid depth (NSD) shall not be less than 0.8 mm. in case of two wheeler and three wheeler and 1.6 mm. in case of other motor vehicles below the TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) in the tyre.  This is the minimum tread depth at which the tyre needs to be removed or replaced for safe driving. Tyres need replacement when they are not worn up to TWI but have severe uneven/one side wear. This will guarantee maximum traction and grip, helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Condition of tyre: Any damageor injury on the casing/body, tread of the tyre, sidewall of a tyre will weaken its ability to respond driving inputs such as steering, acceleration and braking and will subsequently result in permanent tyre damage or into tyre blow outs. Replace tyre if you observe any such anomalies on your tyre, please consult one of our tyre experts for free evaluation and unbiased recommendation.

Tyre is over aged: If the tyres have been used for prolonged time and have started showing signs of weather cracking or degradation/deformation of casing then replace your tyres as a  precautionary measure even if they look good/serviceable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator. Reach us...