It is extremely important to be cautious while handling a battery because it can cause several hazards. Some of the possible risks are mentioned below to direct motorists to handle car batteries with utmost care:

Battery Acid can cause burns: Be extremely careful while handling battery acid. If electrolyte is spilled on clothing or skin, wash with plain water and neutralise with a solution of baking soda and water. Electrolyte splashed into eyes can cause serious damage. In the event of such an accident, splash affected eye with clean and cold water for at least 5 minutes and seek medical attention.


Battery Explosion:Batteries generate explosive gases during vehicle operation and also when charged separately. Flames, sparks, burning cigarettes or other inflammable sources that may start a fire must be

kept away at all times.


Always shield eyes when working with batteries, as sparks, acid splurge etc. may hurt the eyes.

When charging batteries, work in a well-ventilated area - never in closed spaces. Always turn battery charger or ignition off before disconnecting a battery.