Wrong tyre fitment: Tyre not right for the application intended is also a safety threat.  Using of incorrect tyre size, construction, Load index, speed symbol or tread pattern can cause hindrance in delivering vehicle optimum performance which may be lead to threat to road safety.  


Tyre Wear: Tyres worn below TWI (Tread Wear indicator) are unsafe for usage. Tyres with one side, misalignment, spotty or uneven wear can also seriously affect traction or braking performance of a vehicle. This can also cause hydroplaning phenomenon, where in a thin film of water is created between tyre and road resulting in complete loss of steering control.


Improper tyre air pressure: Under/Over air pressure can modify  tyre contact area/patch which can adversely affect tyre /vehicle performance. Under inflation results in excessive flexing of tyre causing  heat build ups and make them vulnerable for blow outs. Even tyre inflation process if not properly done can also result in accident or injury.


Damaged tyre: Load of the vehicle, passenger, goods is carried out by the compressed air contained in the tyre. This pressure can result in sudden air loss/burst if there is any weak portion in tyre due to injury or damage.


Heat Buildup: Heat build up is the major source of tyre failures. This can be caused by over speeding or incorrect speed rating of tyre due to wrong tyre fitment


Vibration is an indication that your car needs attention. The tyres, steering system and suspension system should be checked to help determine the possible cause and correction of the vibration. If left unattended, the vibration could cause excessive tyre and suspension wear.