Tubeless tyres, as the name suggests, are tyres without the tube. The tubeless tyre is built in such a way that it can contain the air by itself without tube. In Tubeless construction, tyre and rim assembly form an air container, to seal and contain the compressed air inside the assembly. There are several advantages of tubeless tyre:

Safety: Unlike in tube type tyre there is no sudden air loss in the event of a penetration of sharp object/ puncture. This offers much better control over vehicle. This is the most significant advantage of a tubeless tyre relative to tube type, particularly on sustained high speed operation.

Convenience: By eliminating sudden decrease of air pressure during puncture/penetration of sharp objects, tyre-wheel assembly continues to perform its function for some time to ensure safety and provides more time to have tyre repaired. Secondly, tubeless tyres can also be repaired easily without removing tyre from the wheel for small punctures.

 Economy: By eliminating tube, friction between tyre & tube is not experienced resulting in lower resistance, improved fuel efficiency, less vibrations, less heat generation and better comfort.