1. Begin with your wheels and tires—wash them off first. In that way, if you splash cleaner onto
your vehicle you can simply wash it off as you wash the rest of the vehicle. While choosing a
cleaner, make sure it’s safe for all wheels. It has to be water based cleaner without any
corrosive chemicals that not only cause aesthetic damage to the wheels but might also
damage the rubber on the tyres. Use a wheel brush and agitate to thoroughly clean the
wheels without scratching. Wash each tyre and wheel individually before you move on to
the next wheel. Once you finish all the wheels, empty and rinse all the cleaning materials
that were used.

Materials used – Chemical free, water-based cleaner, safe scrub bug, a Tar sponge, a bucket
of water.

2. Moving on, fill the bucket with fresh and clean water to start washing off the vehicle. Use a
micro fibre wash mitt and a car wash that is rich in lubricants. It is important to wisely
choose a car wash that removes all the contamination and retains the moisture content such
that it does not scratch the paint off the vehicle. All this depends on the car wash you
choose. Do not use dish washers or detergents. They effectively remove the protective
coating layer off the vehicle. 3M and Biotique has some bodywork shampoo and power
wash that provides sufficient lubrication of gritty particles without removing the wax.

3. A smart tip to avoid swirl marks on your vehicle would be to use two buckets. One filled with
soap water and another one filled with clean water. Use the two buckets alternatively such
that you can dip off the sponge in clean water before your next dip into the soapy water.
This will keep the sponge clean for every wipe. This way you remove the contamination and
the dirt from the vehicle and from the sponge. Continue this until the car is clean.
Alternatively, you can buy grit guard. This is a plastic grid that is set at the bottom of the
soapy water bucket and stabilizes the water. The contamination and other dirt particles
settle at the bottom of the bucket and the water on top remains fresh and clean.

4. Remember to always rinse off the vehicle once before beginning the cleaning process. This
removes the dust and loose debris from the vehicle. Begin the washing cycle from top to
bottom instead of front to back or vice versa. It is obvious that the lower panels and foot
rests are the dirtiest. It is ideal that you clean the windows and upper panels before you get
to the lower parts. Especially because you don’t want to spread the dirt at the bottom all over the vehicle. Remember to rinse off the sponge often to avoid contamination. Rinse off the vehicle at regular intervals, as you work, especially during hot weather.

Tricks for stubborn and hard spots on the vehicle due to dead bugs or simply because of tar -
use a safe scrub bug and a tar sponge to remove the dirt and contamination without
scratching the surface of the car. An easier way to soften the sponge is to soak it in warm
water for about 3-5 minutes and use it to wash. Use soapy water to lubricate the sponge.
When using a spot cleaner, use it before washing. And after washing, apply wax to the
sprayed area after drying the vehicle.

5. During the final rinsing of the car, do not wash it off with a nozzle hose and blast your car
with water. Free flowing water with no pressure, no nozzle will allow the water to flow off
the vehicle more thoroughly and rinse the vehicle better.

Drying tips
1. First dry off the windows and mirrors. Use a water blade to remove any drips of water
from the surface. Remember not to use the window until it’s completely dry else the
window slider will leave water lines on the clean window.
2. To remove the water off the vehicle use a guzzler—the towel that absorbs seven times
its own weight. As a second run use a smaller guzzler to remove the water missed while
using the larger towel.
3. Once the exterior is dry, wipe the door jambs, trunk and hood using a lint free micro
fibre cloth. This will leave your vehicle dry and spotless.
4. Dry your wheels using a towel especially used for the wheels. Don’t use towels used to
wipe the vehicle body as this might lead to contamination.

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