If you are trying to spruce up the looks of the exteriors of your car then you can give your car’s interiors a face-lift as well. One important accessory that not only enhances the aesthetic value of your car but also keeps it spic-and-span is the floor mat. Your car’s floor is most likely to get dirty when you are on road trips. While you are driving on different terrains, you are sure to drag dust, muck, grime, gravel, mud and dirt inside your car. With unfavourable weather conditions, you can track water, slush, sand or snow into your car too. You may need a heavy-duty floor mat if you are carrying materials in your car everyday that can ruin the flooring.


To save your car’s flooring and carpet, it is best to invest in some high quality floor mats. For passengers, it may be convenient just to rest their feet but for a car owner, installing car floor mats makes a huge difference as it makes cleaning and washing easy.


Floor mats are water-resistant and spill-resistant. They soak up any water and do not let liquids seep through them thus preventing any damage to the carpeting. If you decorate your car cabin with the right colour and material of floor mats, they will give a stylish appeal to your car. Most universal car floor mats are available in black, beige and grey but there are custom-made mats that are available in many designs, types, materials and colours to suit your requirement.


Types of Car Floor Mats

Most cars come with factory-made floor mats but they may not be able to withstand the damage caused by wear and tear over time. There are plenty of other options available for car floor mats in varying designs, colours and styles. You need to know how to choose the best one for your car. With proper information, you can opt for one to suit your preferences and needs. Consider the following criteria while choosing one for your car.


Fabric Floor Mats

Fabric floor mats are inexpensive. They come with a rubber back, so they provide a good grip and do not let dirt permeate to the carpet. You can clean them daily as they are removable. They come in universal sizes that easily fit most of the cars and have attractive colours and designs. However, they have a short shelf life and are available in the price range of INR 800 to INR 2000.

Carpet Mats

These mats are usually good for light use as they can show stains and dirt. So, they do not actually add to the aesthetic looks of your car. These mats have to be removed and cleaned often. They tend to hold moisture and if they are not dried regularly, they may develop mold and fungi. They are softer, skin-friendly and comfortable for you to rest your feet on but they may not be the best choice for your car’s interiors. They can cost between INR 800 and INR 2000 depending on the fit and quality.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are durable with a good grip but are not very fancy to change the look of your cars interiors. They soak in water and mud and tend to get dirty fast. They also retain moisture and mud. However, they can handle any type of wet situation and are durable through frequent cleaning. Going for high quality ones that are specific to your car model will help you manage your car’s interiors best. The price range for these mats is between INR 600 and INR 4000.

All-Weather Vinyl Mats

If your region experiences all the seasons and your car has to put up with extreme weather conditions, then vinyl mats are the best option as they are more durable than rubber mats. Be it rains, sand storms or snowstorms, they can last through any mess. With upturned edges, they hold water, dust or mud and ensure that nothing seeps through the mat or exits it. The mat has spikes in the back that makes it non-slip. These mats need regular dusting and cleaning but they are easy to maintain. The price range of these mats is between INR 850 and INR 2500.


Nomad Mats

Nomad mats (also called curly floor mats) have a webby surface that traps water, mud or dust to avoid spillage. They are available in various colours and you can customize them for your car. They do not require intensive or frequent cleaning. They serve as better utility mats than rubber or vinyl mats. The price range for these is between INR 1100 and INR 6600.

Tray Type 3D Floor Mats

3D mats give an elegant and sophisticated look to your car and are available in various shades. They have anti-skid properties but do not soak up water or liquids as they are made of polymer material. Therefore, they have to be rigorously cleaned often. They have an excellent fit to match your car’s interiors. They are pricey and the best choice if you are serious about upgrading your car’s looks. The price range for these mats is between INR 1750 and INR 6000. You can go for the more expensive options if you want high quality ones.


Transparent PVC Mats

These mats made of transparent plastic material have only recently arrived in the market and are already popular among car enthusiasts. They are easy to install and maintain. They are heat-and-water-resistant as well. They do not let the water seep through them so your car’s carpeting is safe. These mats are cost-effective and are a great utility accessory. They cost between INR 700 and INR 1900.

What to look out for?

Avoid universal fits for car floor mats as it becomes difficult to set them up and clean them. If there are uncovered spots on the carpet, they are sure to get dirty. If the mat in your car is slipping or does not have a good grip, it can affect your car’s pedals. In the passenger area, these slips can cause inconvenience. If the mats let water seep through them, then the carpet may get rusted or hold moisture that may develop dirt and fungi.


Custom Versus Universal Floor Mats

Car floor mats can protect your car’s flooring from stains, wear-and-tear and dirt in turn increasing the lifespan of the carpet flooring and increasing the resale value of your car. Choose mats that are custom-made, removable, washable and durable. They should perform well in all weather conditions and should be easy to install and maintain. Opt for mats that have ridges; they will stop the liquid from sliding off the edges.


Novelty floor mats are easily available in the markets in a plethora of colours, designs and brands. They are vibrant enough to add personality to your car and are showy enough to grab attention from your passengers.


Depending on the make and model of your car, you have tailor-made floor mats to deck up your car’s interiors. However, to design a floor mat from scratch for a modified car can be a bit of a challenge. In such cases, you can get a universal floor mat and trim it to suit your car’s requirements.

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