So, Is Wheel balancing the same as wheel alignment?
Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two of the most confused terms but are different from each other. In a nutshell, wheel alignment means the tyres needs to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, which maintains steady manoeuvring of the vehicle. Wheel balancing refers to the mass distribution within the tyre. This is mostly caused by tread wear of the tyre resulting in wobbling while driving.

Why is wheel alignment so important?
Consequence of misalignment of a wheel is grave. It causes unwarranted vibration resulting in
difficulty to steer the vehicle. Further, for safer driving it is important to have proper wheel alignment. The main reason for wear and tear of tyre is misalignment of the wheels. To maintain proper wheel balance it is important to maintain proper wheel alignment.

Is wheel alignment necessary after tyre change?
Wheel alignment is not usually a necessity after tyre change. However, it is advised to get an
alignment for better vehicle handling. If the tyres are worn out evenly then it does not require wheel alignment. Your mechanic can advise the necessity of wheel alignment depending on the wear and tear of the tyres. Although you do not have to get an alignment immediately, driving your vehicle with poor wheel alignment will cause premature tyre damage.

How do vehicles lose their wheel alignment?
Losing wheel alignment does not take much. This can be caused in many ways. Familiar and most common things can cause misalignment. The problem is that we don’t realise that these reasons could impact tyre and wheel alignment.

Some of the below mentioned points can cause misalignment of wheels:
 Undulated roads and pot holes
 Hitting curb stones
 Bumping into medians or concrete parking stalls
 Fair wear and tear of the vehicle. As vehicles age, the rubber components start to crack and
lose their elasticity. Further the ball and socket joints develop to loosen. Over time, it
progressively gets worse.

What happens if you don’t get your wheels aligned?
Tyres wear out faster and easily without proper alignment. The adversity of the damage will be noticed while you are driving. Your vehicle may not be able to handle as well as it should. It might lead to extreme situations in maintaining the control of the vehicle while you ride. What could have been easily preventable would now lead to a major damage to your vehicle as well as your pockets. It is advisable to have regular checks on the alignment of the wheel for safety and better performance of your vehicle.

Remember this – Be smart and have your wheel alignment checked during every other oil change. By doing this your tyres will suffer less wear and tear and last longer. Autodrome advice: For regular maintenance and better care of your vehicle ask for a Lifetime Alignment service. In this service, we will align your tyres after a certain number of kilometres or whenever requested for as long as you own your ride.

How often should I have my alignment checked?
As advised earlier, it is best to get your alignment checked during every other oil change or check alignment for every 6000 miles you drive. Over this course, the vehicle undergoes several road conditions and damage. Driving through pot holes and hitting the curb will impact the tyres and throw off wheel alignment.

Note: The longer you wait to align the wheel or check, the more damage that can occur. If it has been a while since your last alignment check then it is time for a drive to Autodrome for a check up. Do vehicles have different types of alignment specifications?

Yes, every vehicle model that rolls out of the assembly line will have unique alignment specifications. Each manufacturer determines the specification for alignment to that particular model. The factors that play a role in determining the correct alignment angles are the size, length, weight and intended use of the vehicle.

With these aspects, the alignment angles are measured in degrees or inches that are tenths and hundredths of a factor unit. Over a period of time, a slight misalignment causes unevenness and premature tyre wear.

Insight on wheel alignment check - Computerized alignment machines are typically loaded with specifications of various wheel alignment models and make. The machine identifies the vehicle model and the precise measuring begins with cutting edge technology. Once the analysis is complete the machine hands a print out of the wheel alignment before and after adjustments were made.

Can misalignment of the car be determined easily?

It’s hard to identify misalignment with the naked eye. The factors with which misalignment of wheels are determined are too minute to comprehend without technology. The smallest degree of misalignment can cause a great impact on handling the vehicle and life of a tyre. To conclude, the signs and symptoms of misalignment of wheels are most often not noticed. As a car owner, take notice of your tyres and wheel alignment.

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