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3M Wheel Treatment: Alloy Wheel Polish - Full Size Car/SUV

3M Wheel Treatment: Alloy Wheel Polish - Full Size Car/SUV

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Alloy wheel polishing is an easy and necessary five-step process that helps get rid of brake dust. Brake dust can be found in every small corner of a wheel corroding it overtime. A good cleaning and polishing can keep your alloy wheels as good as new for longer.

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Wheels are recipients of dirt and muck that get stuck onto it. Cleaning them regularly can prevent the brakes from gathering rust and the wheels can continue to function well. A stringent process is followed for cleaning alloy wheels to give the best result. First, the wheels are rinsed to remove brake dust and dirt. Then, a wet sponge is used to rub any stains off the wheels. An alloy wheel cleaner is then used to remove any remaining traces of dirt from every nook and corner with the help of a soft bristled brush. Finally, a good rinse is given followed by a dry wipe with a microfibre cloth. The result is sparkling clean wheels.

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