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3M AC Treatment: AC Vent Disinfectant: Single Vent

3M AC Treatment: AC Vent Disinfectant: Single Vent

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Each time you switch the AC on, you don't want dust and pollen being thrown into the cabin. So get the 3M AC treatment done to enhance the effectiveness of the AC and to circulate fresh air inside your car.

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If you feel your AC is not cooling enough, it could be because too much dust has accumulated overtime. When AC vents are left unclean for long, the evaporator coil tends to collect dirt, dust and moisture. This becomes a favourite breeding spot for bacteria and fungi that spread throughout the car. Moreover, unclean AC vents can spread bad odour in the car, which keep circulating for long. The 3m AC treatment rids the car of dust, dirt, pollen and damp air. It ensures that fresh air is circulated from the AC and the coolant works well.

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